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Rowanmoor SSAS


The Rowanmoor Solo SSAS is an employer sponsored pension scheme, designed for a single employee, or director.

There can only be one member in a Solo SSAS. A Rowanmoor Solo SSAS provides the member with full investment flexibility and a comprehensive range of retirement and death benefit options. The member trustee may use the funds within the SSAS to invest in their business through secured loans, or by purchasing commercial property to lease back to the business at an open market rent.

With good business financial planning advice, the innovative entrepreneur can make their SSAS work for their business, whilst building up a substantial pension fund to benefit them, and their family, in retirement.

The Rowanmoor Solo SSAS is structured to provide the most comprehensive range of investment choice available under current legislation. Any asset is permitted provided:

  • the asset does not give rise to an unauthorised payment tax charge;
  • we can obtain satisfactory title to the asset;
  • ownership of the asset will not give rise to an unacceptable liability or risk.

The Solo SSAS is designed around our standard Rowanmoor SSAS rules, with an additional Deed of Amendment, which ensures the scheme will always operate with a professional scheme administrator and independent trustee. This provides protection to the member trustee.

The scheme is managed on a portfolio basis. An individual named administrator, who works in a supportive team environment, takes responsibility for the running of the scheme and is the first point of contact for enquires. The day-to-day administration of a single member scheme is much simpler than a multi-member scheme and there is no requirement to produce annual scheme accounts, so this is reflected in lower fees.

As the UKs largest independent SSAS provider, Rowanmoor is renowned for its expertise and outstanding service in the field of self-administered pensions. Our role is to provide the supporting administrative framework for the SSAS and guidance on legislative issues, so that the member can gain maximum benefit from the scheme. Customers are also supported by our experienced Consultants, and specialist Pensions Technical, Actuarial and Scheme Property Teams. To find out what our customers say about us please read our testimonials.

This information relates to the Rowanmoor Solo SSAS. You can read our Solo SSAS literature for more details. If you have a specific question or require a Solo SSAS Fees and Services document, you can contact us, email us or send your questions via our enquiry function on the right hand side.

We also offer a SSAS, for up to 11 members and a Defined Benefit SSAS, which can be used by employers who wish to maximise the provision of pension benefits for directors and key employees in a given tax year.

For more information about the Rowanmoor SSAS products, their scheme setup, and their benefits, please read our SSAS literature. If you have a specific question, you can contact us, email us or send your questions via the enquiry box on the right hand side.

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