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Rowanmoor SIPP

Service Standards


% of service standard turnaround achieved overall.

We are dedicated to providing a quality professional service, individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. To achieve this, Rowanmoor SIPP clients receive a personal, portfolio-based service from an appointed, named administrator, who works in a supportive team environment, offering a single point of contact for all aspects of our SIPP administration.

Rowanmoor SIPP administration is monitored against demanding processing timescales and we are committed to continuous improvement in the quality of the services we provide.

We aim to complete no less than 95% of our work within these timescales.

The accolades we receive give an insight into the quality of our service and the relationship we have with our customers.

Good news stories from around the business demonstrate the benefits that our approach to service brings to our customers.

Rowanmoor SIPP processing timescales

All days quoted are working days, following receipt of all required information and appropriate authorisation. We aim to complete no less than 95% of our work within these timescales. A number of factors, including the involvement of third parties, mean there may be occasions when this is not possible.

New Business
Issuing application packs 1 day
Standard new business illustration 1 day
Specialised new business illustration
Provision of illustrations for benefits, that may include scheme pension, or income drawdown.
3 days
Acknowledging receipt of new applications 1 day
Processing applications
Includes issuing new plan documentation.
1 day
Bank Account
Establishing the SIPP bank account with the Trustee’s designated bank.
3 days
Money received 1 day
Payments out
Dependent upon the availability of cleared funds.
1 day
Reconciliation of the SIPP plan bank account.
1 day
Transfer of existing benefits
Transfer in or out
Transfers, in particular in specie transfers, are complex and involve liaison with third parties. This is the timescale we aim to meet to process forms and respond to requests, during each part of the transfer process.
3 days
Investment feasibility investigation
Reviewing requests for investment in new assets of a complex nature, not already approved by us, and providing feedback.
5 days
Processing new investments
Dealing with each stage of an approved investment.
1 day
Processing existing investments
Dealing with each stage of any changes to an existing investment, such as a sale or partial disinvestment.
1 day
Retirement illustrations
Provision of retirement illustrations, for benefits a member may take from the SIPP.
3 days
Paying pension commencement lump sums
Processing and payment from available funds.
5 days
Pension payments
Establishing pension payroll records and making payment. Our payroll is run on the 18th of the month, or the previous working day if the 18th falls on a weekend or bank holiday.
5 days
Requests for information
Responding to enquiries received by post, fax, email or telephone that do not fall into the above categories.
5 days
Reclaiming pension relief at source (PRAS)
Submitting tax reclaims for qualifying contributions, within specified monthly reporting periods, to HM Revenue & Customs and crediting received funds into SIPP plan bank account on day of payment receipt.
11 weeks (maximum)

SIPP processing timescales
SIPP service standards achieved */ ?>

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