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Rowanmoor SIPP

Property Purchase

The Rowanmoor SIPP is designed to offer full flexibility when choosing assets for investment.

Many people choose to invest in commercial property to satisfy the potential for capital growth and regular income. Commercial property investment, available under the Rowanmoor SIPP’s full investment option, enables you to participate in the purchase and take control of the ongoing management of your property investment, while we will be on hand to offer advice and guidance on any issues you may confront during the process.

Investing in commercial property through your SIPP offers many advantages that include:

  • tax relief on contributions paid into your SIPP;
  • exemption from capital gains tax when the property is sold;
  • exemption from income tax on any rental payments;
  • increased cash flow if property is purchased from you or your company;
  • the property will form an asset of your SIPP and therefore your creditors will not have access to it.

Any property purchased by your SIPP will normally be held in an individual sub-trust established under the principal pension trust deed. You and Rowanmoor Trustees Limited will be appointed as the trustees of the sub-trust, which will purchase the property. This means that the property is legally owned by the trustees of the sub-trust and registered with the Land Registry in the names of the trustees, which includes you. By using this method of purchase, the sub-trust empowers you to take control of the management of the property. Unlike some other SIPP operators we do not insist on you appointing a specific property management company. In certain circumstances it may not be possible to use the sub-trust, for example on overseas property. If this is the case we will inform you.

An independent valuation of the property must be obtained prior to purchase. If there are insufficient funds available within your SIPP you may borrow up to 50% of the net value of your SIPP to help fund the property.

We will appoint a solicitor who has experience in dealing with SIPP property purchase to oversee and approve all legal aspects of any purchase. Pre-approved legal documentation will be used that will assist the process. However, you can appoint your own solicitor in addition, should you wish.

We have dedicated Scheme Property and Pensions Technical Teams, who specialise in dealing with all aspects of the life cycle of a property investment and are able to assist you with your enquiries. Investment in overseas commercial properties may be possible. Please refer to us for guidance if you are considering property purchase as there are other issues, for example potential contamination from asbestos, and various environmental aspects which will need to be addressed.

This information relates to the Rowanmoor SIPP. Please read our SIPP Commercial Property Guide in the SIPP literature library for further details. If you have any specific questions relating to the information provided on this page please contact us or send your enquiry via email or the enquiry box on the right hand side.

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