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Press Release Archive 2014

The items within this news archive are held on the site as a historical record. The information contained is based on Rowanmoor’s understanding of pensions law and taxation at the time of issue. Circumstances may have changed and we recommend that you always seek advice from a recognised investment professional before making any decision to act on the information contained.

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Transfer window brings opportunity for enhanced lump sum retention

A combination of careful due diligence and a relaxation in transfer rules next year could present members of older style pension schemes with new retirement saving opportunities whilst preserving their higher tax-free lump sum entitlements.

20 October 2014

Rowanmoor Group plc: advisers calling for death benefit re-think

Following the shake up for the pensions industry announced in this year’s Budget, 80% of the advisers polled at our recent ‘New Insights’ workshops believe there should be an option to transfer death benefits tax-free to nominated beneficiaries’ pension funds.

10 June 2014

Rowanmoor Group launches new SSAS practitioner services

Rowanmoor Group plc is offering new scheme practitioner services for SSAS trustees looking for professional support.

23 May 2014

Reforms to pensions system among topics at Rowanmoor Group adviser workshops

Rowanmoor Group plc is holding a series of seminars in May for financial advisers, exploring some of the detail behind the pension reforms announced in the recent Budget and how the changes affect the retirement planning advice advisers give to their clients.

22 April 2014

Rowanmoor Group cuts service standard timescales for SSAS and Family Pension Trust investment approvals

Rowanmoor Group plc has announced that it has significantly reduced investment approval service timescales for its SSAS and Family Pension Trust schemes.

11 April 2014

Rowanmoor Group signs up to Origo’s Options Transfers service

Rowanmoor Group plc has signed up to the Options Transfers service provided by eCommerce standards and services body for the financial services industry, Origo.

26 March 2014

Rowanmoor Group plc to host a series of ‘New Insights’ adviser workshops

Rowanmoor Group plc has announced a series of seminars in the Spring for financial advisers.

4 March 2014

Rowanmoor Group appoints new Consultant for the North

Rowanmoor Group plc has announced the appointment of Gareth Rose as a Consultant for the North.

12 February 2014

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