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Experto crede; trust the expert. A spotlight on our commercial property investment expertise.

Commercial property investment for some clients is high priority and can be met using the tax-efficiency of a SSAS, SIPP, or Family SIPP. Investing via a pension into property is not without its intricacies and technicalities; quite often the complexities of the property investment will demand a high level of expertise and this requires a detailed knowledge of both pensions legislation and property conveyancing.

Whether commercial, agriculture or land, property administration is something the Rowanmoor Group excels at. We have over 35 years of experience and manage over 7,400 property investments, valued at over £1,398 million, within our bespoke Rowanmoor Pensions SSAS, SIPP and Family Pension Trust (Family SIPP) products.

With our vast experience in this field, we can smooth the path to completion for our clients and their advisers and provide practical ideas and guidance.

Exploring SIPP property purchase and development

An in-depth exploration into freehold property purchase, where the property is to be refurbished and let. Due consideration is given to VAT, insurance and borrowing, and specifically the commercial viability of the property, to comply with HMRC requirements.

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Examining the purchase of freehold commercial property with options to borrow and joint ownership

A close examination of the complexities of a property transaction, where borrowing and joint purchase are considered. VAT, asbestos management and the introduction of energy performance certificates are all covered.

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An established SSAS purchases a leasehold property from the sponsoring employer to release working capital, diversify funds and enable early retirement.

This client scenario highlights factors to consider when looking to buy a leasehold property, including the length of leasehold and ground rent payable.

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Agricultural land purchase provides boost for Family Pension Trust

Here we look at agricultural land purchase, with options for rental, planning permission and development for commercial use in the future. This purchase plays a big part in a farming family’s succession planning.

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Controversial new tax on Scottish in specie property transfers

Revenue Scotland’s decision to make in specie transfers of Scottish properties subject to Land and Buildings Transaction Tax has costly implications for SIPPs, but provides an opportunity for SSASs and Family SIPPs.

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Advisers who would like to know more about our services can contact us to arrange a consultancy session. If you are a private investor, interested in commercial property investment, please speak with your financial adviser.

Guides and other literature
SSAS and Family Pension Trust Commercial Property Guide 250 KB
SSAS and Family Pension Trust Property Purchase Process Chart 149 KB
SSAS and Family Pension Trust Property Information Schedule 200 KB
SSAS and Family Pension Trust Borrowing Information Schedule 155 KB
SIPP Commercial Property Guide 219 KB
SIPP Property Purchase Process Chart 148 KB
SIPP Property Information Schedule 197 KB
SIPP Borrowing Information Schedule 154 KB

Please read the important information about suspension of in specie contributions in conjunction with these guides.

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