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Family Pension Trust (Family SIPP) Literature

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Family Pension Trust (Family SIPP)
Family Pension Trust Product Overview
Family Pension Trust Key Features
Family Pension Trust Features and Advantages
Family Pension Trust Member Questionnaire
Please complete one for each scheme member.
Family Pension Trust Installation Questionnaire
Please complete this form to establish a new Family Pension Trust.


Family Pension Trust Property
Please read the important information about suspension of in specie contributions in conjunction with the ‘SSAS and Family Pension Trust Commercial Property Guide’ literature item below.
SSAS and Family Pension Trust Commercial Property Guide
SSAS and Family Pension Trust Commercial Property Purchase Process Chart
Property Information Schedule
Please complete one for each property investment.
Property Development Information Schedule
Please complete for UK or overseas hotel, resort or other development investment. This is only to be used with approved investments.
Borrowing Information Schedule
Please complete this form if borrowing is required for a property investment.


Family Pension Trust Client Scenarios
By establishing a Family Pension Trust a family combines funds to provide retirement and death benefits with succession planning options for future generations.
Pooling investment funds provides new discretionary fund management opportunities.
Increasing liquidity for benefit payments without forcing the sale of scheme assets.
The entrepreneurially minded can support each other financially in mutually beneficial investments, without making a financial commitment.
A family’s new investment strategy leads to land purchase via a Family Pension Trust with future development opportunities.


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